This place is very special to me; my grandmother has been taking me here since I was a little girl. The food has always been great over these last 20+ years. I usually always would just have a pasta dish. Although bit on the heavy side, they are all still very good. There are also several meat entrees, yet for some reason, I have never tried them. Creature of habit, I guess. They also have brunch specials. Of course, I always go with the eggs benedict – absolutely delicious.

The last couple of times I came here, I ordered the caprese salad, being that it is one of my favorite things in the world. I have to say, I have been disappointed both times. Not only is this salad smaller than what I’m used to, but it is incredibly bland. Needless to say, I will not be ordering the caprese salad from here anymore.
As for desert, they have the absolute BEST tiramisu I have ever had. The portion size is big and can easily be shared. Normally, I would share, but not La Toscana’s tiramisu. I eat the whole damn thing every time. I don’t care how full I already am.

The service is incredibly friendly, but can be a little on the slow side.